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MCS member Elected Secretary-General of IBRO

Our warmest congratulations to MCS Council member Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni, who has been elected Secretary-General of the World Neuroscience Organization IBRO.

IBRO (International Brain Research Organization) is the global association of neuroscience societies that aims to promote and support neuroscience around the world through training, education, research, outreach and engagement activities, and the publication of our two journals, Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports.

Prof. Di Giovanni will serve as Secretary General elect in 2023 and start his term as Secretary General in 2024. Prof Di Giovanni, together with the President Tracey Bale (USA) and the Treasurer Jerome Sanes (USA).

“I am delighted and humbled to have been elected to the role of Secretary-General of the World Neuroscience IBRO organization” said Professor Di Giovanni. “It means a great deal that neuroscientists across the world have put their faith in me and I want nothing more than to deliver for them all.”

Giuseppe Di Giovanni is Xjenza Online Liaison Officer at MCS and a Professor of Physiology and Biochemistry at the Medicine and Surgery Faculty of the University of Malta, an Honorary Professor at Cardiff University. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal Neuroscience Methods by Elsevier and the President of the Mediterranean Neuroscience Society. He has recently been elected member of the Academia Europaea for the section of Physiology and Neuroscience. Professor Di Giovanni is recognized for his work and expertise in biological psychiatry, such as breakthroughs in neurotransmitter (i.e., serotonin, dopamine GABA and cannabinoids) alterations in different CNS disorders.

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