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Kids Dig Science – Exploring with Nemo

From the clouds in the sky right down to the depths of the oceans, Kids Dig Science is Finding Nemo this month and following him around his watery world to learn about the biodiversity in the vastness of our oceans. This underwater exploration will spotlight the delicate balance that is marine biology and what needs to be done to ensure its survival.

Every month offers a different scientific topic to explore, while each performance offers a whole new recipe made with a pinch of fantasy, heaps of science and barrels of laughs. Followed of course by oodles of hands-on fun.

Date: Saturday 13th May, 3 pm
Venue: Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

This project is brought to you by the Malta Chamber of Scientists, Malta National Aquarium and is supported by the Arts Council Malta’s Programme Support Fund.