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Kids Dig Science | Demystifying Wonderland

Did you know that Lewis Carroll’s popular tales including Alice in Wonderland, contain some hidden truths about the human brain that are still inspiring neuroscientists to this very day? So down the rabbit hole we go for this edition of Kids Dig Science as we explore the meandering pathways of neuroscience to Demystify Alice’s Wonderland.
This event celebrates Brain Awareness Week, shedding light on the importance and benefits of brain research in ways children can understand and of course enjoy.

Every month offers a different scientific topic to explore, while each performance offers a whole new recipe made with a pinch of fantasy, heaps of science and barrels of laughs. Followed of course by oodles of hands-on fun.

Date and times: Saturday 11th March, 2023, 3pm

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

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This project is brought to you by the Malta Chamber of Scientists and is supported by the Arts Council Malta’s Programme Support Fund.