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Feb 2021 – The Evolution of Cobots

Date & Time: Wednesday 3rd February 2021, 7pm

Venue: Studio BPlease be prudent and do not book tickets if you’re unsure whether you will be attending. If you are no longer able to attend kindly call the box office on 2122 3200 to cancel your booking.

The robots are taking over! For years this has been a popular theme for science fiction writers, who liked to delve into the dangers and ethical issues of such a revolution. Join Malta Café Scientifique on 3rd February for a fascinating discussion with Dr Ing. Emmanuel Francalanza, an expert in working with industries to adapt conventional manufacturing machines into cyber physical systems. In some form or another, more and more people are interacting with robots and artificial intelligence every day. Whether this be a voice powered assistant, like Siri or Alexa, or perhaps personalised adverts on the internet. However, behind the scenes, a more subtle revolution is happening in the manufacturing industry with the growth of Collaborative Robots (Cobots). Will this affect job experience, and what are the ethical and social implications of this new age?

Danielle Martine Farrugia (Project Manager), Chris Styles (Organiser), Olena Sammut & Antonio Borg (Poster Designers), Pavol Macejovsky (Assistants).

Cert: 13