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Call for Nominations: Xjenza Online Advisory Board

Xjenza Online is the open access Journal of the Malta Chamber of Scientists. Xjenza Online is a peer-reviewed journal, indexed on Google Scholar, aiming to promote scientific research within the Maltese Islands and worldwide.

We are looking for nominations of prominent experts in publishing and journal indexing and metrics, representatives of the Government and funding bodies, to join the Advisory Board of the journal, see responsibilities below. Nominations should be sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Cristiana Sebu, at

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the think tank of the journal that is constituted by a group of prominent experts who support the journal with the responsibility to:

1.     Provide suggestions to the Editor-in-Chief regarding the scope and direction of the journal.

2.     Provide technical support and professional advice to promote the scientific content of the journal.

3.     Recommend other experts to join the Advisory Board.

4.     Be actively involved in discussion and finalization on the strategic plan and long-term achievement of the journal with Editor-in-Chief and other Editorial Board members including indexing of the journal in DOAJ and Web of Science and advising on Open Access policies.

5.     Be actively involved in promoting journal development and public awareness.

6.     Assisting in finding funding sources for the journal.

The Advisory Board will meet twice a year to report any updates to the Editor-in-Chief and other Editorial Board members. The Board is a voluntary contribution by prominent experts to Xjenza Online.