You are currently viewing April 2019 – Sun, Sea and Floating Performances

April 2019 – Sun, Sea and Floating Performances

Date & Time: Wednesday, 10th April, 7.30pm

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv, Studio B 

We often hear about sustainable development, however, it may seem that the development of infrastructure and sustainability cannot coexist. However, what if we manage to introduce both?

At Malta Café Scientifique, Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi and Dr. Joseph Falzon will be showing us how the team of designers is proposing marrying the two, making use of the island’s Mediterranean coasts.

As an alternative to the dense land use that currently characterizes Malta, floating, marine structures are being proposed, not to dominate the coast, but rather, to offer a space for performing arts during the hot summer months, while also experimenting the likelihood of evolving the concept to include living spaces.

Join Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi and Dr. Joseph Falzon as they go into the innovative solutions the team is offering, as well as presenting the challenges and also the benefits of the use of these floating structures along the coast. All while taking into consideration the benefits for visiting tourists and locals, the cost for construction, materials, and maintenance in bad weather conditions, as well as what materials would best be suited for such a structure; all to offer both a space for culture and art, as well as implementing plastic collection initiatives from the surrounding sea.