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Calls for Science in the City

Key Information

Want to make your idea happen? Want it to be seen by over 15,000 people? Science in the City is looking for scientists and artists to send in their proposals. Our big night will be on the 26th September followed by a weekend of activities. These calls are for artists and scientists interested in collaborating with others who want to engage with the public. Please click on the links below the proposals subtitle for more details.

Deadline: 3 February
Evaluation: mid-February
Notification: April/May

Entertaining Ways to Convey Science
Call for Proposals
Proposal Form
Science-Inspired Art Installations
Call for Proposals
Proposal Form
Science Carnival Parade
Call for Proposals
Only Sketches Required
Artistic Events with Strong Scientific Elements
Call for Proposals
Proposal Form

What are we looking for?

  • artists or scientists who want to collaborate with other disciplines (just send us an email expressing your interest even if you don't have a proposal)
  • science-inspired street art
  • artistic events with a strong scientific element (ex. exhibitions, theatre, music, workshops and so on)
  • entertaining ways to convey scientific topics, research and researchers (ex. meet the researcher, science demonstrations, busking, medical & dental health stands, and so on)

Main scientific topics to inspire artists

Below are topics to help inspire artists. The first three are based on local scientists interested in working with local artists (please contact for details). Proposals sent around these topics will be preferred.

How did the Universe start and what are we made up of? — CERN: the European Organization for Nuclear Research is a world leader in experiments that find out what particles are made of. A 27 km-long tunnel under Geneva in Switzerland slams particles on counter-rotating deems to find out what makes up everything we see.

How do molecules look? How are they made? — Celebrating the International Year of Crystallography: X-ray crystallography is used to obtain 3D models of molecules. It is involved in our daily lives and forms the backbone of industries that develop new products, including the agro-food, aeronautic, automobile, beauty care, computer, electro-mechanical, pharmaceutical and mining industries. 

Control a computer through your thoughts — Brain–computer interface devices: These systems allow individuals to communicate or control equipment directly by thinking about it. They bypass the need for physical movement. The technology has benefited individuals who are mobility impaired with practical applications as an assisted living and communication tool. Local researchers are interested to work with artists to develop ‘thought controlled’ gaming applications, and are open to other ideas.

Breakthroughs and best inventions of 2013 — Inspiration from any of these ideas. These include cloning humans, making your immune system fight cancers, driverless toy cars, invisible skyscrapers, resurrection of extinct species, and even how the bacteria living in your gut protect your health. Please see: or or

Origins — Where does humanity come from? Where does the Universe come from? What are we made of? Where does life come from? Where do ideas come from? The possibilities are endless.

… and any other idea? Please get in touch, contact details are at the end of this call

Values behind activities: Science, art, creativity, technology, education, entertainment, quality, interactive, engagement between people.


Details about the proposals can be found:

Please send your proposals to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information about all events contact Edward Duca (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Mob: 99239974) and/or Karen Fiorini (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Mob: 99868348). For more information about the festival and previous programme, please check:

An Information session will be announced shortly. If you have an artistic idea but lack a scientist please get in touch. Proposals will be funded on availability of funds.