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Apr 2012 - Light my Light Bulb

The Maltese Islands are a tricky place to harvest wind energy. Space is limited and our seas are deep, so deep that large wind farms are only possible at depths of around 70 meters. Offshore wind farms already exist, but this depth presents huge technical challenges. These wind turbines need to be adapted to Malta’s unique conditions. One major problem is storms. No one wants their multi-million investment to be swallowed by the waves.

To prevent this scenario the speaker and his team are researching how to properly anchor these giant turbines. Wind turbines also need to operate under the lightest of breezes. Its blades need to turn and provide energy on calm days, which depends on their design. This is another research area of Dr Ing. Tonio Sant, who gave the talk and whose findings will be important for Malta to develop wind farms suited to the Island’s needs.