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Jan 2012 - Malta's Coast - Beautiful, Living, Dangerous

Malta’s coast is a dangerous place. Caper bushes, brightly coloured flowers, and miniscule snails have to survive wind, rain and cold, followed by a long, dry and hot summer. And living on a sandy beach means you’ll be dunked in and out of sand whilst rough seas batter your home.

Dr. Sandro Lanfranco spoke about the animals and plants that make a living on our coasts. These creatures are obsessed about water and how not to lose it. Some plant leaves are waxy and thick, while others give up trying to survive summer and only grow in winter. He also explained how beyond these wonderful adaptations is their beauty and Malta’s coast is fast becoming a hit as a film backdrop. Yet, for the last hundred years, it has been exploited and damaged. We now value these cliffs for their fun-factor (abseiling) and economic pull (tourism, development).