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April 2017 - Tremors

Can scientists predict earthquakes? When is the next one? On 24th August 2016, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck the Amatrice region in Central Italy killing around 300 people and causing severe damage and collapse of buildings. Hundreds of aftershocks followed the earthquake. On Sunday 30th October 2016, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Central Italy, near Norcia with a lot of buildings being destroyed but no casualties after this earthquake, mainly because people were evacuated after the August earthquake.

The talk will give an overview of earthquakes and their mechanism in the central Mediterranean area. It will also highlight the phases of disaster management as well as the big steps forward that have been made in the field of monitoring, prevention and intervention. Finally an overview about seismic hazard for the Maltese islands and the National Seismic monitoring seismic network will be discussed.

Come join us in our event to debate the question about our shaking earth at 7.30pm (Doors open at 7.15pm) on the 5th of April in the Cinema room, Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier in Valletta together with lecturer Dr Sebastiano D’amico from the department of Geosciences from the Faculty of Science at the University of Malta.

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Malta Café Scientifique thanks the STEAM project funded by the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership, St. James Cavalier for hosting this event, the University of Malta, and Malta Chamber of Scientists (of which the café forms part).

Poster thanks to Rebecca Tong & Stephanie Ghio