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May 2016 - Biosignal my Machine

In the course of history, changes have been made as to how humans interact with machines. While we still communicate using touch-based interfaces, such as keyboards, mice and touch screens, there is a now an increasing trend of using signals in living beings which can be continually measured and monitored. In this manner, biosignals are being used as the control input.

The type of signals that can be used are brain electrical activity, muscle activity, eye movements, speech and motion and the list goes on. These human machine interfaces (HMI)systems which are biologically driven offer an alternative means of communication not only to able-bodied subjects but more importantly provides a link to people with severe disabilities such as the locked-in syndrome to the outside world.

Malta Café Scientifique invites you to come and join in the discussion with Dr Tracey Camilleri on the 4th of May at 7.30pm (doors open at 7.15pm) in the Cinema Room, at the St James Cavallier.

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Thanks go to Sammy's by Culinary Forward Malta, St. James Cavalier for hosting this event, the University of Malta, and Malta Chamber of Scientists (of which the café forms part).

Thanks to Mathias Dalli Gonzi for the poster.