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Apr 2016 - Visualizing Social Wellbeing

Society is always changing. It is changing at such a fast rate that it is difficult for scientists to see what can happen in the next couple of years. But a scenario can easily be designed and augmented in a separate reality. Maps are essential to build such models that prepare for the best or worst of what society can become or happen to it. The latest virtual reality is building a virtual environment anyone can interact with. These developments will push the boundaries of how we relate to each other and engage with digital worlds.

Dr Saviour Formosa will talk about how a 3D model of Valletta was constructed. These virtual models are the maps of the future that can be used for crime and disaster relief, and a better way of life. Come join in the discussion about merging the real world with virtual reality on Wednesday the 6th of April at 7.30pm (Doors open at 7.15pm) with Prof Saviour Formosa.

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Thanks go to Sammy's by Culinary Forward Malta, St. James Cavalier for hosting this event, the University of Malta, and Malta Chamber of Scientists

Poster thanks to Mathias Dalli Gonzi