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Sep 2014 - Highlights of Cafe Sci - Science in the City 2014 Special

We would like to invite you to our last talk for this season being hosted by Science in the City!

We have a line up of a few of the best talks we have had during our Winter season. The speakers we chose will be talking further about what they do and what their hobby (research) is all about. Four speakers will be giving just 20 minute talks, whereby we open our doors to further questions to the public together with some coffee and biscuits glady offered by: 282 Coffee Garden

Dr Sandro Lanfranco (Lecturer at University of Malta) 7 p.m.

Keys to a Mistaken Identity
In some cases plants and animals may have no names, hence suffering from an identity crises. This is where Biology comes to the rescue and helps to identify these unnamed plants. Unfortunately, some plants and animals are so unclear that giving them a name is very hard.

Keith Abela (Chef) 8 p.m.
Science in the Kitchen
A chef who will talk about the 5 tastes in food. He will also talk about how aroma works to create a certain flavour in the food; by manipulating the aroma you may experience a different flavour than you would expect. Chef Abela will also be tackling questions about taste and how flavour alchemy works (the manipulation of flavour).

Andrew Sciberras (Audiologist) 9 p.m.
Hearing with the Mind
One of the five senses is that of hearing. Songs have been written about hearing, but, how do we know how much we’re hearing? And how is this all connected to the mind? Loss of hearing can alter one’s life, queries that touch us all. An audiologist who will talk about hearing, hearing loss and cochlear implants; the effects of hearing loss which alter the person’s life.

Dr Gianluca Farrugia (Researcher) 10 p.m.
Life through Death
Aspirin has aroused interest in the link at how it causes cell suicide when taking it over a period of time and its anti-cancer effects are intensely researched by scientists. So what new things about aspirin have been discovered so far? Why what’s the link between yeast and aspirin? Moreover should aspirin be used not just as to prevent heart attacks or stroke but also to fight off cancer?

We eagerly look forward to seeing you there and sharing a cup of coffee while discussing opinions.

Poster thanks to Marie Claire Cremona

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