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Aug 2014 - The Science of Wine

The Phoenicians integrated wine into everyday Mediterranean culture establishing a long love affair. The earliest evidence of winemaking was in Georgia thousands of years earlier. Fast forward to 2016, and the global wine market could be worth over $300 billion. Over centuries, such wealth has transformed winemaking into a scientific discipline called oenology.

Oenologist Roger Aquilina will deliver the Malta Café Scientifique talk entitled “Science of Wine” at this year’s Evenings on Campus on Sunday 10 August at 20:00 on the Quadrangle (Atriju Vassalli), University of Malta. Entrance is against a donation and proceeds will go toward the University’s Research Trust (RIDT).
Roger will take attendees through a journey from the earliest days to modern wine production and research. He will talk about the science and art behind fermenting wine. Nowadays wine is made by controlling well known scientific phenomena. Oenology is studied throughout the world with many wine research colleges pushing the boundaries on how wine is made and tastes.

In Malta, a recently restored wine research station was set up in 1947. The station is now run by the M.S.D.E.C in collaboration with the University of Malta. Malta has a long history of wine production. Maltese archaeologists from the University’s Department of Classics and Archaeology have discovered that wine was produced in Malta since the Punic times over 2,000 years ago.

Malta Café Scientifique ( is supported by The Malta Chamber of Scientists and aided by the University of Malta.

Ticket proceeds will be donated to RIDT of the University of Malta. Further information about RIDT and donations can be made through the website:

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Marsovin will be providing complimentary wine for tasting.