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Jul 2014 - Nanotechnology: Smaller Than Small








Ever wondered about your safety when standing on a very high structure? You can now feel safer thanks to nano engineers. Nano, another word used to describe very small things where nano engineers work at the molecular level. Nano engineering is a revolutionary field that has been critical in improving the safety of engineering structures. Dr Hui will focus on the conversion of metals to composite materials to nanomaterials, and how these can be used in engineering applications. He will talk about his pioneering research on how curvature affects the vibration of flat plates, which was used to re-design many structures to make them safer.

Dr David Hui is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Composites Materials Research Laboratory at the University of New Orleans. He received his PhD from the University of Toronto in Aerospace Engineering. Dr Hui has edited over 40 widely cited books and currently serves on over 40 technical committees or editorial boards, consisting of over 2000 respected scientists on specific diverse fields of materials or nano science.

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