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Apr 2014 - Women in Science: From Skin to Lungs

Malta Café Scientifique presents From Skin to Lungs: A tribute to Rita Levi-Montalcini. The skin acts as a first defense against the microbes and the chemicals found around us. It also acts as a barrier for the escape of water. A dysfunction to this skin would increase our ability to have more diseases. Unfortunately such diseases can cause Lung diseases, for example Asthma - all of which could be tied to epidology.

Dr Susanne Krauss Etschmann and Dr Sanja Kezic will be talking about the mutations found in our DNA that can lead to having (atopic) dermatitis (from the flaggirin gene - FLG). It may even boil down to our environment, where children are exposed to tobacco smoke or car fumes. Not to mention that the Flaggirin gene drops the effectiveness of the skin barrier down and increases the risk for diseases such as eczema, food allergy and Asthma.

So come join us at the Italian Cultural Institute on Monday the 28th of April at 7.30pm, where Dr Krauss Etschmann and Dr Kezic will be showing us how these diseases come about. This event could not have been possible without European Commission in science and technology (COST), Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Italian Cultural Institute, Italian Cultural Embassy and the Malta Physiological Society.

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Poster thanks to Marie Claire Cremona

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