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Apr 2014 - Science in the Kitchen

Proteins – a common household ingredient. They are so common that controlling them and making them transform through different chemical processes (and heat!) is key to making a perfect meal. According to the heat applied, these proteins will break down and become completely different structures all together, such as in the case of the Maillard reaction. Simple: what we want is to give browned foods their desirable flavour.

The changes of structures of proteins found in fish, meat and eggs at different temperatures will be shown, not to mention an explanation of the elasticity of the protein will be given. The elasticity will inevitably affect the final product presented to the diner in ways that are not normally expected in more traditional cuisine.

Come tickle your senses and excite your taste buds to listen to Keith Abela, Chef Patron at Sammy’s, and join us in the discovery of one of the joys of life, cooking food and eating it.

Thanks to our sponsors Borg & Aquilina for providing the tea and coffee for this event.

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Poster thanks to Marie Claire Cremona