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Mar 2014 - Keys to a Mistaken Identity

In some cases plants and animals may have no names, hence suffering from an identity crises. There are other cases where they are given the wrong name.This is where Biology comes to the rescue and helps to identify these unnamed plants. Unfortunately, some plants and animals are so unclear that giving them a name is very hard.

Throughout this talk Keys to a Missing Identity, we see how Dr Lanfranco and his team handle such glitches and how they can give these plants a real name, a name that can identify the species. Throughout this session, together we will explore the real-world issues through a number of hands-on activities designed and led by his research students.

Come listen to Dr Lanfranco and his team: Maria Azzopardi, Kelly Briffa, Aaron Brincat, Sacha Dunlop, Miriam Gambin, Annalise Spiteri, on how such an endeavor can be solved to find species' missing identities.

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