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Jan 2014 - Aspirin & Cancer: Life through Death

Aspirin is one of the oldest medicinal drugs in use today that can be used to treat a mild headache, a common cold and is given to patients to prevent heart attacks or strokes. However, aspirin has aroused interest in the link at how it causes cell suicide when taking it over a period of time and its anti-cancer effects are intensely researched by scientists.

So what new things about aspirin have been discovered so far? Why is yeast used to study aspirin? Moreover should aspirin be used not just as to prevent heart attacks or stroke but also to fight off cancer? These questions will be tackled at our next Cafe Sci event by Dr Gianluca Farrugia.

Dr Gianluca, a research officer at the University of Malta will be tackling questions about the link between aspirin, yeast and cancer cells in the next Malta Café Scientifique talk: Aspirin and Cancer; Life through death. The event will be on Thursday 9th January, 7.30pm (doors open 7.15) Music Room, St James Cavalier, Valletta.

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Poster thanks to Marie Claire Cremona