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Nov 2018 – The Blockchain behind the data

Date & Time: Wednesday, 7th November, 7.30pm

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv, Studio B 

With blockchain trending and the introduction of three new bills in Maltese law on the regulation of blockchain technology; society and businesses can’t avoid learning about it as it spreads around us. Its applications are very diverse, and can be found in all aspects of society.

Malta Café Scientifique presents Johan Zammit, who will take you through all the different uses and emerging technologies of blockchain. Blockchain has now allowed us to have undisputed ownership and control of a digital record, as well as being able to securely share these records.and will explain how this fantastic new tool can help give humanity super-secure communication systems, super-fast computers, and teleportation.

This new technology can also be applied to the scientific world, from biology to astronomy to healthcare. Scientific data can now be stored in a way that is transparent, unchangeable and safe. An interesting use of this is in earth science, where the study of natural phenomena and of living organisms is recorded.