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Malta Café Scientifique | A New Era in Healthcare: A Fantastic Journey into Targeted Treatment

Healthcare has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the advent of targeted treatment approaches. The days of one-fits-all medicine are numbered, as scientists and healthcare professionals like Christian Scerri, consultant geneticist at Mater Dei Hospital and a full professor within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta, harness the power of personalised therapies to revolutionise patient care. Join us for a fantastic journey into targeted treatment on October 10th 2023, 7pm, hosted by the Malta Café Scientifique in Studio B at Spazju Kreattiv and explore its immense promise in offering more precise and effective solutions for a wide range of medical conditions.

Targeted treatment, also known as precision medicine or personalised medicine, involves tailoring medical interventions to individual patients based on their unique genetic, molecular, and environmental characteristics. Rather than treating diseases based on general data, targeted treatment considers specific factors such as the genomic makeup of a person and the specific tissues influencing one’s health.

Prof Scerri will accompany us in the discovery of this revolutionising approach that allows healthcare providers to offer more accurate diagnoses and develop personalised treatment plans for each patient. Discover the outstanding progress – and challenges- in providing less-harmful cancer treatment thanks to target therapies.

Join the event to dive into some of the local research that is greatly contributing to this field, enabling a paradigm shift from traditional approaches to more personalised and effective interventions. To stay up to date about events and speakers, check out the Malta Café Scientifique Facebook page: and website:

Malta Café Scientifique thanks the STEAM project, Spazju Kreattiv for hosting this event, the University of Malta, and the Malta Chamber of Scientists (of which the Café forms part).

Date and Time:
Tuesday 10th October 2023, 7pm

Studio B, Spazju Kreattiv

Free, booking required

This event is brought to you by: Malta Chamber of Scientists, Spazju Kreattiv and University of Malta.

Project Manager: Danielle Farrugia & Valentina Delconte
Organiser: Valentina Delconte
Designer: Valentina Delconte & Hope Abdelkhalik
PR: Valentina Delconte, Moritz Goretzki, Andrea Francesca Bellia & Anna Duca

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