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Dec 2018 – Night at the Virtual Museum

Date & Time: Wednesday, 5th December, 7.30pm

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv, Studio B 

Been wanting to spend a day at the museum but just can’t deal with the queues? No time? No problem. Using 3D models and virtual reconstructions, you will soon be able to explore remote sites without being limited to museum hours.

Malta Café Scientifique presents a fascinating talk by Dr Sebastiano D’Amico on studying and presenting sites of cultural heritage that may be challenging to gain access to, or are too sensitive to physically study in the first place.

In the rise of the importance of studying cultural heritage in an ever-growing society, it has become critical to develop new ways of studying without disturbing them. Dr D’Amico’s research and results on the matter are of great interest to the scientific community and also to conservation efforts. He will also be presenting the most recent advances in accessing sites of cultural importance virtually, using results combined with 3D models and reconstructions of sites such as the identification of potential burial sites, and the empty spaces beneath the commemorative marble slabs that decorate the flooring of St. John’s Co-Cathedral.