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ĊineXjenza | MILKED

The dairy industry generates an enormous amount of profit, passing on its costs to the environment, the climate and the cows that suffer a great deal under in most factory farms.

February’s ĊineXjenza event will be screening ‘Milked’ at Spazju Kreattiv! Young activist Chris Huriwai starts to question whether milk is the wholesome product he was raised to believe. In documentary ‘Milked’, he takes us on his journey towards discovering the shocking truth about the origins of the products found on our supermarket shelves.

Following the film, there will be a discussion featuring guest speakers from the Animal Liberation Malta and expert Dr Sholeem Griffin, a researcher in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Malta who will speak about the applicability to the Maltese islands and share their insights on this controversial topic.

Date: 21st February, 7pm

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page. Tickets are available here.

This event is brought to you by: Malta Chamber of Scientists, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, Spazju Kreattiv and University of Malta.