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5. Monitoring Distributed Systems with Distributed PolyLarva

Monitoring Distributed Systems with Distributed PolyLarva
Pages 29-37
Ian Cassar, Adrian Francalanza and Christian Colombo


polyLarva is a language-agnostic runtime verification tool, which converts a polyLarvaScript into a monitor for a given system. While an implementation for polyLarva exists, the language and its compilation have not been formalised. We therefore present a formal implementation-independent model which describes the behaviour of polyLarvaScript, comprising of the uLarvaScript grammar and of a set of operational semantics. This allows us to prove important properties, such as determinism, and also enables us to reason about ways of re-designing the tool in a more scalable way. We also present a collection of denotational mappings for uLarvaScript converting the constructs of our grammar into constructs of a formal actor-based model, thus providing an Actor semantics for uLarvaScript. We are also able to prove certain correctness properties of the denotational translation such as that the denoted Actors behave in a way which corresponds to the behaviour described by our implementation-independent model. We finally present distPolyLarva, a prototype implementation of the distributed polyLarva tool, which implements the new actor-based semantics over a language that can natively handle distribution and concurrency called Erlang.


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