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1. WanderRep: A reporting Tool for Caregivers of Wandering Persons with Dementia

WanderRep: A reporting Tool for Caregivers of Wandering Persons with Dementia
Pages 2-7
Colin Cachia, Conrad Attard and Matthew Montebello


Wandering behaviour is regarded as one of the most difficult to manage for Caregivers of persons with Dementia. It also results in a lot of stress and burden for all caregivers involved, since this behaviour can result in injuries and getting lost. In this research we are proposing a tool which utilizes the currently available Smart Mobile Technologies to focus on the patients’ wandering patterns whilst identifying any possible dangers pertaining to the patient. A number of findings have been collected from this research tool, through a number of studies with both formal and informal caregivers and patients at the St. Vincent de Paul Elderly Nursing Home. These findings primarily relate to: (1) The benefits which caregivers perceive when being alerted of danger relating to their patients and (2) the need for further understanding this research area through the collected data. Caregivers are also given the opportunity to give their feedback on a patient’s exposure to danger, thus creating a cooperative environment between caregivers of the same patient. Preliminary tests have shown how this system achieves an 89% specificity to danger rate, which defines the statistical performance of a binary classification test, together with showing how caregivers find this system as a positive way of reducing their burden when caring for wandering patients.


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