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Special Issues Guidelines

Call for Papers: Forthcoming Special Issues


Special Issues are an important component of Xjenza Online. They deal with more focused topics with high current interest falling within the scope of the journal in which they are published. They should be organized by recognized experts in the area and attract articles of the highest quality. Special Issue proposals are welcome at any time during the year, and should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Proposals for Special Issues should be submitted by the Lead Guest Editor of the Special Issue and should include the following:

  • A suggested title for the Special Issue (should not exceed 10 words)
  • Proposed Aims and Scope, giving an overview of the Special Issue’s intended focus and a list of the topics to be covered
  • A list of Guest Editors who will join the Lead Guest Editor in managing the Special Issue, including their names, emails, affiliations, and a short biography (one paragraph) of each of the Guest Editors
  • A proposed timeline and schedule which includes:
    • Deadline for submission (6 months from the initial Call-for-Papers)
    • First round of review (3 months after submission deadline)
    • Tentative publication date (3 months after the first round of review)

All proposals are subject to approval by the journal following a discussion of the proposed Special Issue among the journal’s Editorial Board. If approved, a Call-for-Papers for the Special Issue will be issued and posted online.

The Guest Editors’ main editorial task is to manage the peer review of submitted manuscripts. Guest Editors should recommend papers for publication only on the basis of academic merit and subject appropriateness. To ensure the success of the Special Issue, we generally aim to have over 10 submissions, which allows for a higher rejection rate after peer review and thus produces a stronger collection of accepted manuscripts. If the Special Issue receives less than 10 submissions, we will unfortunately have to move the papers to the regular section of the journal.