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Mar 2011 - Is the Mediterrenean Sea Turning Tropical?

This event was about the sea that surrounds our island, and how we might lose it. The beautiful fish, mussels and crabs which we all love to look at, and perhaps eat, might soon be a thing of the past. The Mediterranean sea is getting warmer.

The speaker, Dr. Alan Deidun, spoke about the tropicalisation of the Mediterranean Sea.  Dr. Deidun is a well-published researcher on this topic and is well-known for his outreach on the environment, frequently bringing to light development infringements and local ecological disasters.

He explained how a warmer sea will cause the spread of alien, non-indigenous species, increase the frequency of jellyfish blooms, raise acidification rates, and result in the spread of viral infections and mass mortality events. If this is not enough cause for concern, the potential impacts of such warming will also affect the services we derive from marine biodiversity and biogeochemical systems.  Such services include fisheries and climate regulation that will hit us closer to home.