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Feb 2011 - Solving the Riddle behind Hereditary Thalassemia

The talk revolved around a study lead by Maltese scientists that found a possible cure for hereditary anaemia, in particular, Thalassemia. Thalassemia sufferers, of which 300,000 people are born each year globally, require regular blood transfusions due to defective haemoglobin in blood. This common disease in Malta has been the subject of significant research and lead to an impressive finding was only possible because of the cooperation of a Maltese family that have a rare faulty gene.  The switch this gene controls is what can possibly cure Thalassemia.

The speaker and lead scientist Dr. Joseph Borg is at the forefront of his research field.  He has published work in the best international journal within his area - Nature Genetics. This talk revealed the story behind the breakthrough that can make transfusions a thing of the past and how it could be the essential step in the discovery for a cure.