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October 2016 - Do you have the Galls?

Galls in plants are malformations. These are created by living organisms such as insects, bacteria, mites, fungi and nematodes. Plant galls have fascinated botanists and zoologists over the ages.

One of the most simple and noticeable changes that galls introduce, is leaf curling. But Galls can create a lot of complex structures. Very often organisms inducing such galls on plants are highly host specific i.e. that particular organism inducing that particular gall on a specific plant. These assume definite shapes, which can help identify what kind of organism is infecting the particular plant.

In the Maltese Islands more than 100 plant galls have already been recorded in the scientific literature but every year new plant galls are being discovered. Join us this Wednesday, at 7.30pm, where Dr David Mifsud will talk to us about this fascinating topic.

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Thanks go to Sammy's by Culinary Forward Malta, St. James Cavalier for hosting this event, the University of Malta, and Malta Chamber of Scientists (of which the café forms part).

Science Policy in Malta: The Knowledge Economy

"Malta must act now to bring science within everyone’s reach, raise the next generation of problem solvers, support Maltese research at every level, and invest in RD&I for a high-value sustainable economy."

The Malta Chamber of Scientists is concerned that science is not being given its due importance in Malta. This document outlines an inclusive vision for a cohesive science policy that will impact positively across the Maltese economy and will help ensure its continued prosperity. By identifying key issues and proposing solutions, this document provides a blueprint for the future of science in Malta.

Download the press release here.

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Xjenza Online - Vol. 4 Issue 1 - July 2016 Out Now!

Xjenza Volume 4, Issue 1 - July 2016

Xjenza is the Journal of the Malta Chamber of Scientists and is published by the Chamber in electronic format. Xjenza is a peer-reviewed, open access international journal. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in all fields of science.

After receiving a bit of a face lift we are pleased to announce that the second issue in the New Online Series has just been published and currently available as open access. The full Journal can be downloaded here, or you may wish to access individual articles here.